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For a Business Tomorrow

We are normalizing the Kid Business Culture ™ in early education and early access to financial literacy for children and families. The PABD Zone Brand fulfills this mission by introducing business development themes in technology, film, music, and merchandising.

Certified Business Buddy ™

Your children can become a certified partner with PABD Zone. Certification is not just for adults but for children who want to learn more and become proficient in learning and developing a skill that will enhance their abilities to succeed in a particular industry. Becoming a Certified Business Buddy (CBB) is fun, easy, and rewarding for children grades K – 5.

The children’s book Open For Business is the study guide required to become a CBB. You can access this book by purchasing a physical copy online, Downloading the ebook, or downloading the app at Google Play or Apple Store for the AR version of the book. The best part is becoming a CBB is FREE and sponsored by various business partners.


Happy Kids





Our Focus

Individual Social Emotional Learning in child development

What do children learn with social and emotional learning (SEL)?

Communication, getting along with others, assertiveness, and problem-solving are all skills taught in an SEL program. These skills help people and organizations build a healthy, supportive, and successful work environment that includes skills such as: 

  • Character Building
  • Financial Literacy
  • Strategy Development
  • Increasing Vocabulary
  • Social Skills

Cognitive - Creative - Character

“Introducing business in early education can improve children's cognition and their ability to become more creative thus building their character and communication skills within their family and social environment.” - Dr. Tori Brown

What Do We Offer?