About the PABD ZONE Brand

Penne’ Anne’, Billy, and Diget are three friends that love to play together. They also like to create ways to work hard and make money. These best friends go on an adventure of starting various businesses. What does it take to start a business? Open for Business will be just the business start-up guide needed for children. PABD Zone will show you exactly how to be a Certified Business Buddy. These three children have fun with music, technology, business, and education. In this story it’s the adults who are the students as these three make their way of figuring out different ways to make money in business. Three business consultant teammates in the making.

About Author

     The author Dr. Tori Brown brings to life African-American characters that kids can relate to and admire for leadership and exposure to entrepreneurship. Dr. Brown is a first-generation college graduate with an associate’s degree in psychology, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and African-American studies, a master’s degree in community counseling, another master’s degree in school counseling, a doctorate in psychology with a cognate in evaluation and measurement. Her personal experiences combined with the knowledge and skills she has garnered along the journey drives her mission to help people living below the poverty line start and grow six-figure companies.

Since becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college, Tori has become a business developer for more than 20 years. She’s also become interested in exploring the pattern of poverty in families and communities. She notices that the lack of knowledge about business development in our education system plays a role in keeping the cycle of poverty going.

Although America continues to be one of the wealthiest nations on earth, millions of citizens still face extreme financial struggles daily. Dr. Tori believes that good corporate citizens have a responsibility to engage young people as early as possible in the dialogue about business and expanding their identities of what they can do and who they can be. She currently serves on the board of a non-profit organization called Fresh Community Development Inc. (FCD). The mission of this organization is to provide resources to low income families in need of financial and business literacy.

“While the American education system K-12 may do an excellent job in teaching kids how to work 9 to 5, it often falls short when it comes to instructing them in business development. Kids lack the information on what a business is and what it gives them the ability to do in society”. – Dr. Tori Brown

About Fresh Digital Media Group

We are a minority, family and women owned tech company started in 2018 in Tampa Florida. The purpose of the start-up back then and even now is to give a place mark in technology for children and their families. We have partnered with some pretty dope developers and engineers to create products in the area of mobile apps, film, music, and digital television. The CEO Dr. Tori Brown and family includes mother Juanita Brown, sister Kimberly Williams, and Niece Kendall Williams coming together to build tech for family by family. We have added to the family CTO James Muchette and Education Tech Liaison Kristen Ellis. www.freshdigitalinc.com